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The Wake Games

The 2011 Cheese Rolling Festival will be re-introducing The Wake Games.

In the past, the crazy rolling and chasing a cheese were only part of the Cooper's Hill Wake. From the early 1800s other competitions and games have taken place. Traditionally the event was a more family orientated affair with the whole family going up the hill for the day and taking part; it was the highlight of the year and an escape from the daily grind of life.

The re-introduction of the Wake Games will bring back this traditional 'family' element of the event. In the recent past the cheese rolling has become one of the top ten extreme sport events in the world to take part in. Whilst this hasn't changed and you need to be just as brave and fanatical to throw yourself down the hill, others might like to take part in the less extreme Wake Games or uphill races.

So we aim to have the Cotswold's famous shin-kicking (ouch), wrestling for a belt, tug-of-war, grinning (through a horse's collar) for a cake. Then we have the more family orientated games like dipping in a tub of water for oranges and apples, bobbing for penny loaves smeared in treacle, coconut-shies and dancing for ribbons. And much, much more............

For more information, or you would like to take part in the games during the festival or be kept up to date with the latest news click here.

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